Company History

The venture has started as a small family business of knit apparel manufacturing in 1999 and since then has evolved into a rapidly growing conglomerate. APS Group considers itself as an end-to-end apparel solution provider, starting from sourcing the cotton and going all the way to providing material support to satisfy clients’ petition which is “ready-made garments”. The company itself now functions with over 100 leaders and over 6,000 skilled workers. With a vertically integrated setup, the incorporation of advanced technology and a proficient management team, APS is emerging sturdily as one of the anterior business entity in the country. Looking ahead, APS is focusing more towards the front-end of the chain: the end customer. Besides, APS mostly focus on strategic verdict making process which has bought distinct competitive advantage that made APS diverse within the industry. APS has blend the dedication and skills of its’ workforce to accelerate the venture. These are the people with the best talents, commitments, and expertise with the blend of experience and enthusiasm. They work hard under direct supervision of Management and are fully committed to deliver the best results, ensuring their satisfaction underpinned by the APS Values.


Started as a small family business of knit apparel manufacturing in 1999


Spinning, Knitting, Dyeing, Accessories and Printing facilities, and Emerged as APS GROUP


Md. Shamim Reza

Managing Director


Message from Managing Director

APS Group has been in the textile industry for 20 years only and has earned its name, value and credibility through the hard-work, efforts, and strong commitment towards quality products for each and every one of our clients. The APS brand has now become a symbol of quality and trust for international market.

As we face the challenge of continuous changes and evolves within the industry as well we ourselves change to better serve all of our customers across the World, I would like to focus on what does not change: our commitment to service and quality, our leadership of the markets in which we participate, and the results: the satisfaction of our customers, our success and finally our rapid growth.

Ours are extremely open markets, we count our competitors all over the World, and we encounter new ones every day; from small companies or even entities making textile carriers for a neighboring spinning mill, through huge plants in the Far East that make these products by hand using vast quantities of labor, to large well capitalized multinational companies. We compete against all of them, in open market. Even the persons that takes order and produce the products from here and there compromising the quality are also our listed competitors.

We don’t have one single strategy to compete against so many and so diverse rivals; but I would suggest that most of our strategies boil down to what can be best expressed with a single sentence: We always strive harder to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

And I believe, this is our key to success & growth.

With my best wishes for everyone..!!

Md. Hasib Uddin



Message From Chairman

At APS GROUP we are placing greater emphasis on sound governance, which we believe vital to long term success in today's business era services excellence entails professional management of relationships, products knowledge, ability to provide customized solutions within the given period. It calls for having expected products, efficient processes and providing comfort and convenience to our customers.

Year 2015-16 witnessed anomaly in demand and prices of Textile Spinning Industry. Thus, RMG industry has faced the consequences. This was exploded after the import of yarn specially from India. India gave subsidy/rebate on the export of textile products and since then Indian spinners dumped their yarn in Pakistan Local Market at exceptionally low prices, depriving the Local Yarn manufacturer of level playing field. Finally, this burden has transferred to the end product Ready Made Garments. The situation was further worsened by the shortage of gas and electricity faced by the local textile industry.

Despite all the hardship and challenges to our economy, I am confident that APS Group continues on a steady growth trajectory and the team is organized to respond to the challenges coming on the way, we are forward looking and remain committed to thinking beyond today. We will make all endeavors to provide best to our valued customers. We stay committed to serving and safeguarding the rights of our stakeholders. Last but not the least, I would like to acknowledge the commitment, dedication and hard work of our Board of Directors and employees.

The Executive Board

Md. Ali Mridha Director

Md. Abul Hasnat Director

Md. Zahiduzzaman Saim Director

Our Mission

A world class knitwear manufacturer!

Our Vision

Being a sustainable industry trailblazer!

- Meet buyer/ customer’s expectation.
- Strong Profitability
- Encouragement of team work and motivated workforce.
- Lay foundation for future.

Awards & Recognition

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