APS Group philosophy mandates the protection of the environment around us, as well the people who work for us. The Knit manufacturing process is such that at various stages, the environment and the employee are exposed to damage and exploitation, either by mistreatment or negligence. From the onset APS Group has adopted a mindset to ensure its infallibility in this regard. Our experience indicates that this approach has added substantial value to our company and more significantly our product. APS Group has a mission to fulfill by surpassing all the requirements of Humnitarian Management to keep its working environment a role model for others as "A BETTER WORKING PLACE" and unique in its field. APS Group has been operating the factory in FULL COMPLIANCE with all the applicable rules and regulatins of native land as well as international standard. For improving the working conditions and setting a better working place.

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Human Rights and Business Principles
Health Policy
Supplier Selection procedure
OEKO-TEX, APS Apparels Gmt
Non- Discrimination Policy
Job Safety & Physical Risk Procedure
Grievance Policy
Forced labor policy
Environment Policy
Emergency Action Plan
Disciplinary policy docx2 (Autosaved)
CSR Policy
Compensation Benefit Policy
BSCI Remediation Plan-APS Design Works Ltd - 13.12.2018 - Copy
APS Apparels - GOTS
Anti harassment Abusment Policy 02
Anti corruption-Anti bribery Policy
9438_APS Apparels Ltd._11th FUiN Electrical OA_30012019
29 Freedom of Association Collective bargaining Policy
APS Apparels Ltd_ 9438_11th Follow Up_Fire_report

Rain water harvesting:

As a part of natural resource optimization, we are using latest technologies to hold and preserve rain water and facilitated our production houses rooftop with such technologies to reduce pressure on dependence of underground water. As we can hold around 250000 litre/day of water with our current facilities which we are using for our dyeing process.

Dyeing water

  1. Dyeing water used as flash water in toilet
  1. Survo motor installation in sewing machine.
  2. In sewing LED light installation
  3. Cleaner production (Water pact program)
  4. Global Sustainable process (Blue sign chemical process)
  5. Redundant energy sourcing from Solar panel.
  6. Condensate and cooling water recovery from boiler.


  1. HER Project (Women health project)
  1. WE Women by Lindex (Women empowerment project)

Cloud-based preventive health care service

We have facilitated for our manpower health and wellness services utilizing smart medical technologies integrated in smartphone application to monitor health regularly. CMED Health Ltd. has enabled this cloud-based preventive health care service for all staff and worker of APS GROUP. Through this service everyone will get a facility of having access to a CMED app and through CMED app can access their health record from their own account and use it while consulting doctor.

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